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3 Actions To Make Your Home Sell Faster

3 Actions You Aren't Doing To Get Your Home Sold

Clean, Decluttered, Depersonalized Room
An example of a Clean, Decluttered, Depersonalized Room

Your home has been on the market for two weeks. You’re not getting much interest in your house, or at least as much as you thought that you would. There was a lot of excitement when you first put your home on the market, but now you wonder if it will sell. If this describes you, here are three actions that you might look into taking to get more showings and get more offers.

#1 Depersonalize, Declutter, Then Clean.


When buyers first walk into your home, they notice if your home is how clean or dirty your home appears. This can be the difference between them continuing on with their home search while bypassing yours or moving on with writing a contract on your home because it made a great impression. Cleaning should be done, after you depersonalize, then declutter.

What is depersonalization, it is removing items in your home such as pictures, paintings, and personal effects, to give your home a neutral feeling when people walk in. This helps your potential buyers visualize themselves in their future home and what it would feel like if they lived there.

Decluttering helps show all of the best attributes of your home. It cuts the fluff out and gives your home a minimalist look. It allows other people to visualize how, where and if their furniture will fit into your home.

Here is a good article from This Old House article has a punch list of items to get you started.


#2 Curb Appeal


Have you driven by a home and thought, “that house looks amazing“, it looks so good from the outside that it makes you wonder what it’s like on the inside? This is what curb appeal is and you can use it to your advantage when you put your home on the market. Use it to draw buyers inside, only to wow them again with the interior of you home, that you just cleaned, decluttered and depersonalized. If your house looks less than inviting from the car or sidewalk. Here are some tips that can make your home more inviting.

Simply adding fresh mulch to your flower bed(s), removing/replacing dead shrubs, blowing off the dirt and debris on your porch. Removing clutter and minimizing outdoor items on your porch and in front of your house. Making repairs, i.e. missing roof shingles, repairing or replacing missing or damaged siding, think about repainting your home if paint is very old or in need of a refresh.

Read House Logic’s 8 Tips for Curb Appeal to get the front end as good as the backend


#3 Price Your Home Right


So you’ve cleaned, decluttered, and depersonalized home and then added some vegetation to your habitation for that perfect curb appeal. You’re all set and your home is going to sell quick? Right? Well Maybe. I mean, if it were the beginning of 2022, then you’d be right, most likely. Ah, But, what a difference a year makes. Take for instance, my home market of Fort Worth, Texas, where active listings are up but closed sales are down 14.3%. Gone are the days of listing, then routinely getting $100,000 over asking price.

You must be savvy when it comes to pricing your home. This will be the difference in many cases, between getting a quick, full-price offer, or your home languishing with an obscene amount of days on market. Additionally, even if you get an offer at the price that you are asking, chances are, that it doesn’t appraise, and the buyer will either have to come to the closing table with cash, or worse, they walk from the deal and buy a comparable, properly price home without the headache and worry of bringing extra money to closing. While you get your home back on the market, and wait for a new buyer.

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